About Us

anamb_mapAnambra Women United (AWU) is a non-profit 501C (3) organization founded in the year 2003. AWU was formed out of a great need and burning desire to contribute to the well-being of humanity by focusing on disadvantaged women and children; who form one of the most vulnerable groups. Past studies have concluded that lifting a woman out of precarious and poor conditions will in turn lift the whole family and consequently the society.

AWU has a clear understanding of this overwhelming need and is dedicated to tackling them by engaging in activities aimed at alleviating these problems. To this end, it became apparent that an individualized action would not be sufficient, but rather a collective action by seriously minded, rightfully focused, extremely committed, and task oriented group would go a long way; hence AWU.

AWU is an organization that is deeply rooted in humanitarian, philanthropic services to the disadvantaged women and children including sick members of our society. AWU also provides support to other non-profit organizations that cater to people in third world countries. AWU humanitarian services have included projects such as a financial donation to Children Memorial Hospital in Chicago; Donation of household electrical appliances and baby items to Tender Love Orphanage center in Awka, Anambra State, Nigeria; Financial donations to Anambra State Association – USA medical mission; Medical Equipment donation to the HIV/AIDS Clinic in Anambra State, Nigeria; Financial donations to UNICEF and Clinton-Bush foundation towards Haiti earthquake relief.

AWU also collaborates with Anambra State Association – Chicago in an effective community outreach programs such as: youth career fair, youth soccer program, children’s end of year Excellence award dinner, and many other programs that promote family unity, growth, and stability.
These programs have been successfully executed and are beneficial to the women and children in the targeted communities.

nig_map2A lot has been done but so much more remains. AWU is asking for your support to continue these great services and possibly expand the programs. If you have donated to us in the past, thank you, and we ask for your continued support. If you have not donated to AWU in the past, we ask that you consider donating to us today. 100% of your donations will be directed to the beneficiaries for which they were made and your donation is tax deductible. All supporting documents are available upon request. Thank you once again! Click here to donate or mail your check to the mailing address provided on our Contact page.